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FIU Coronavirus Updates

AdvisoryUniversity faculty and staff will be working remotely until further notice. Visit our FAQs for answers to specific questions regarding financial aid, grades, refunds and more. Visit our coronavirus page for university updates, CARES Act information, videos and more.

The Time is Now — Become an Agent of Change Today

By 2025, FIU will achieve exceptional, student-centered learning and upward economic mobility; produce meaningful research and creative activities; and lead transformative innovations locally and globally, resulting in recognition as a top 50 public university.


The Annual Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign for FIU

Faculty & Staff Giving

Next Horizon

The Next Horizon campaign is your opportunity to invest directly in FIU's impact

The Campaign for FIU



FIUstrong helps students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic 


Why give

Because every donor makes a difference in transforming FIU and advancing the institution to its Next Horizon.

Areas of giving

Invest in the areas of FIU that are the most meaningful to you and inspire you to make a difference through the power of philanthropy.

Ways to give

Learn the ways you can give or get involved to make the difference you desire.