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For a donor, creating an endowment that is representative of philanthropic goals and values is a powerful way to make a lasting impact on the issues he or she values most. Endowments are critically important to Florida International University to furnish consistent resource streams that support various initiatives and ensure the growing excellence and long-term stability of the institution.

An endowment is an investment in a shared future, because endowed funds support activities not just for one year, or even one generation, but forever. Endowments are created when donated money or other financial assets are invested in perpetuity by the university. The return on investment is used to fund opportunities such as scholarships, endowed faculty chairs and professorships, programs or other purposes that serve the donor’s wishes.

Endowment FAQs

  • How do endowments work?

    When a donor establishes an endowment through a charitable gift, the FIU Foundation then expends the funds into long-term investments. Annually, a portion of the market value from the endowment is transferred into a spending account. The principal remains intact in perpetuity, and only earned funds are spent in accordance with the donor’s intent.

  • What is an endowed chair or professorship, and why are they so important?

    Endowed professorships and chairs are funded in perpetuity. The income from endowments provides continuous funding for faculty holding a professorship or chair and their teaching and research activities. As a result, these endowments help the university become more self-sufficient and achieve long-term financial stability. Endowed professorships and chairs help universities attract and retain nationally and internationally recognized leaders in academic disciplines; high-achieving, early-career faculty sought after by other institutions; and other accomplished scholars in higher education. These positions also elevate the stature of a college or school and signal its expertise in particular areas of research.

  • Why are endowed scholarships so important?

    Scholarships are transformational to FIU students, enabling them to not only begin their studies but also to complete them and receive their degree. Endowed scholarships are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds, opening the door to opportunities that would otherwise pass them by. More than two-thirds of FIU students receive financial aid, and more endowed scholarships are needed to provide students with the ability to come to FIU and succeed, helping to eliminate the financial barriers that keep students from achieving their academic and professional goals.

  • Why should you consider an endowment?

    As the financial bedrock of FIU, endowments are vital to create and sustain important initiatives – scholarships, fellowships, faculty positions, research, and programs. When a donor invests in FIU to establish an endowment, it creates a legacy that will provide permanent income to support a meaningful project, thereby advancing the university’s excellence and ensuring and sustaining the donors’ priorities in perpetuity.

For information on creating an endowment at FIU, please contact:

Joan Casanova Gonzalez, Executive Director 
Development Office for Student Success
305-348-3583 / 305-898-9225