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By the year 2025:

  • FIU aspires to be recognized as a top 50 public university for achieving exceptional student-centered learning and upward economic mobility, producing socially impactful research and creative activities, and leading transformative innovations locally and globally. 
  • FIU will have $300 million in annual total research expenditures
  • FIU will award 600 doctoral degrees per year, including 315 research doctoral degrees
  • The FIU Foundation endowment will increase to $300 million

Three institutional priorities underpin the FIU Next Horizon 2025 Strategic Plan: amplify learner success and institutional affinity; accelerate preeminence and research, and innovation impact; and assure responsible stewardship.

Advancing the next chapter of FIU’s story, our donors are funding the future of FIU. Invest today in this vision and write your own chapter of the FIU story.

FIU Next Horizon 2025 Strategic Plan