Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award

The Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award was established by members of the university community in memory of graduate/PhD student Melita Jaric, who passed away on March 11, 2013 in a tragic hit-and-run accident. The purpose of this award is to support graduate students and alleviate travel expenses associated with scholarly research and creative activities in the field of Computer Science. The award seeks to support a formative experience in the global community for recipients with the hope that they gain enrichment and fulfillment in their academic and professional pursuits as a result of their experience.

The Melita Jaric Memorial fund promotes excellence amongst our students by rewarding high-quality work and providing valuable hands-on travel experiences that will contribute to their future success. By supporting off-campus travel opportunities, all gifts received will provide students who are pursuing a degree in Computer Science or similar field of study with the opportunity to become part of the larger research community outside of the university.

Melita’s life was much too short but she managed to accomplish so much and to touch the lives of many through her kindness, love, friendship, caring and compassion. The award was created with the intent that Melita’s memory lives on. In honor of Melita, please consider making a contribution to the Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award.


Melita Jaric