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Academic Health Center

Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

The founding of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in 2006 empowered FIU’s visionaries to create the first new medical school curriculum in more than 100 years, which combines health and social services. The curriculum offers students the chance to track the well-being of families in medically underserved neighborhoods throughout their education and provides families with a holistic approach to meeting their health wellness needs. This revolutionary model has validated itself: in these communities the use of the ER as a regular place of care has decreased from 61% to 26%.

Robert Sackstein, Dean

Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Fueled by intellect and driven by innovation and caring, the college prepares culturally competent health care professionals to become practitioners, researchers, educators and leaders. Ranked first in the nation in the number of minority graduates, the college has graduated more than 9,000 health care professionals who continue to make a significant and lasting impact – both here in our own neighborhoods and across the world.

Ora Strickland, Dean

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Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work

Leveraging its location in the gateway to the Americas, FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work is at the forefront of efforts to protect the future public health of our world through policy, prevention and treatment of global challenges ranging from pandemic outbreaks and health disparities to nutrition, obesity and maternal welfare. From HIV/AIDS and substance abuse to aging, cancer and chronic disease, our translational research impacts communities across the globe.

Tomas R. Guilarte, Dean

Alumni Association

The mission of the FIU Alumni Association is to serve the community of FIU alumni, students, family and friends by providing lifelong connections to FIU. The association serves an alumni base of more than 200,000 graduates, represented in every state and in over 30 countries around the world.

Sara DuCuennois, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations

Alumni Center

Currently being designed, the Alumni Center will tell the FIU story: the story of the dreamers and visionaries who built our university community, the leaders who guided its development, the faculty and staff who dedicated their careers to the FIU mission, and the alumni, athletes and students who reflect our Worlds Ahead commitment to excellence. The time has come to build a true community focal point – a next horizon and place for alumni to call home.

Sara DuCuennois, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations

Alumni Chapters

FIU Alumni chapters serve to assist the university in communicating and connecting with alumni to celebrate the institution’s history and support FIU as it strives to reach its next horizon. Opportunities to connect with alumni include networking events, community service engagement and more. FIU encourages alumni contribution to their community and alma mater through chapter involvement.

Sara DuCuennois, Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations

Rebecca Solomon, Assistant Director of Chapters & Young Alumni


Gifts to FIU Athletics support the entire university. Investments in our 400+ student athletes in 18 programs are returned to communities around the world as graduates apply the discipline and dedication they acquire as athletes at FIU to solve challenges in their communities.

Pete Garcia, Executive Director of Sports and Entertainment

Betsy Stephenson, Chief Athletics Development Officer

Mercy Dorta, Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Development

Biscayne Bay Campus

With a student population of more than 7,000, FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus is the largest branch campus in Florida’s State University System. Encompassing nearly 200 acres, the scenic campus offers apartment-style housing, a library, aquatic center, conference center and ropes course – as well as direct access to the beautiful Biscayne Bay. This campus is home base to FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, School of Environment, Arts and Society, and numerous additional academic and community-based programs.

Steven Moll, Vice Provost Emeritus

Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

FIU’s Chaplin School has maintained a consistent ranking as one of the premier hospitality management schools in the United States and has won international recognition as one of the “Top Hotel Schools in the World.” Each year, aspiring hospitality and tourism professionals choose FIU for its outstanding reputation, location, curricula and fast-track career advantages in the international hotel, foodservice and tourism industries.

Michael Cheng, Interim Dean

Shivani Joshi, Executive Director of Development

College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA)

CARTA is one of the nation’s only cross-disciplinary colleges that unites performance, design, and visual and communication arts. As creative, innovative and inspiring as Miami itself, the college plays a critical role in the development of artists and design professionals across South Florida and beyond.

Brian Schriner, Dean

Oliver Ionita, Director of Development

College of Arts, Sciences & Education

The FIU College of Arts, Sciences & Education plays a vital role in the intellectual, cultural and civic life of local, national and international communities. The college provides an educational foundation that prepares FIU students to be successful and engaged citizens in a global society – generating extensive scholarship that yields new knowledge, shapes how we teach and learn, and contributes to a more complete understanding of our world.

Michael Heithaus, Dean

David Skipp, Director of Development, Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs

Ady Arguelles, Director of Development, College of Arts, Sciences & Education

School of Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS)

Set in the unique environment of South Florida, SEAS is poised to develop solutions to a myriad of issues locally and around the world. SEAS unites socially and environmentally-oriented faculty in an effort to better understand and address the challenges that arise from the interactions between people and our environment.

Evelyn E. Gaiser, Director 

Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs (Green School/SIPA)

FIU is committed to educating tomorrow’s leaders in the fields of international and public affairs, producing scholarship that advances the understanding of key global issues, contributing to policy solutions and promoting international dialogue. As the premier School of International and Public Affairs in the southeast United States, SIPA brings together FIU’s internationally oriented disciplines to provide cutting-edge research, first-rate teaching and innovative training.

John F. Stack, Dean

David Skipp, Director of Development, Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs

School of Integrated Science and Humanity (SISH)

SISH’s distinctive approach of integrating academic departments, research centers and institutes provides a multidisciplinary home for the study of biomolecular, behavioral and cognitive sciences. From aspiring physicists and mathematicians to forensic scientists, psychologists and neuroscientists, the school is committed to preparing professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to bridge the integral links between science and humanity.

Suzanna Rose, Executive Director

Ady Arguelles, Director of Development, College of Arts, Sciences & Education

College of Business

FIU’s College of Business has been a dynamic force behind the phenomenal growth of FIU. As a global educational leader in international business, real estate, entrepreneurship and financial services industries, it is the business school for the Americas and South Florida’s most important business education resource.

Joanne Li, Dean

Jenny Quintana, Senior Director of Development

College of Education

The FIU College of Education is a cornerstone of South Florida’s public education system, workforce and economic vitality. More than 70 percent of our graduates go on to work in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, enhancing the futures of not only the teachers we train but also the students they will teach for decades to come.


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College of Engineering & Computing

At the College of Engineering & Computing, we are problem solvers. Our students and faculty are relentless in pursuing big ideas that will lead to better lives and economic growth in South Florida and beyond. We are developing innovative techniques to ensure structures survive natural catastrophes, using virtual reality to improve construction safety, pioneering a novel, cost-effective method to detect cervical cancer, and developing advanced antenna technologies for next-generation communication and defense systems.

John L. Volakis, Dean

Jamie Diptee-Bay, Executive Director of Development

Karla Hernandez, Executive Director of Development Corporate Relations

College of Law

In a mere 10 years FIU has ascended from an unranked school to No. 100 in the nation, an impressive and rapid rise in rankings. As South Florida’s only public law school, the college has graduated more than 1,100 alumni who have continually achieved outstanding Florida Bar results and are shaping the future of the legal profession in South Florida.

Antony Page, Dean

Kenneth Gelok, Director of Development

First Generation Scholarship Program

Approximately 53 percent of FIU undergraduates are the first generation in their family to pursue a college degree. Determined, driven and hungry for success, they understand that an FIU degree will open doors of opportunity, charting a path to a brighter future in which they are empowered to achieve their own versions of the American Dream. FIU’s First Generation Scholarship Program brings this dream within reach.

Laura Padron, Assistant Vice President of Development

Joan Gonzalez, Development Officer

FIU Global Learning

Global Learning prepares FIU’s students to be successful global citizens who develop global awareness, a global perspective and use their passion to make the world a better place. We achieve our mission through the Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative, in which every student engages in active, team-based, interdisciplinary exploration of real-world problems. To date, faculty have created more than 180 global learning courses. Students choose among these courses, offered in every academic department, to meet their two-course global learning graduation requirement. Our robust offering of co-curricular activities including the Peace Corps Prep, the Tuesday Times Roundtable, and a myriad selection of globally-focused internships and student clubs also help students become well-rounded global citizens.

Hilary Landorf, Director

FIU Libraries

The FIU Libraries serve each and every one of our 55,000 students, providing a home away from home that prepares our students to become intelligent consumers of 21st century information and data. More than a repository of information and a place for learning, the libraries are a hub of creativity where great ideas are born and inspiration is sparked. The FIU Libraries are a nexus of intellectual exchange, facilitating the teaching and learning at the core of FIU.

Anne Prestamo, Dean

Honors College

Students in the FIU Honors College are prepared for lifelong learning through some of the most innovative, cutting-edge courses taught in the nation. As a small community of outstanding students, superb educators, accomplished researchers and dedicated staff, the Honors College offers a unique environment usually associated with small private colleges. These experiences are complemented by the resources of a major research university – the best of both worlds.

Juan Carlos Espinosa, Dean

James Knapp, Director of Development

Ignite: Faculty & Staff Campaign

As engaged members of the FIU family, our faculty and staff have the opportunity to protect and ensure the future of FIU by participating in the Faculty & Staff Campaign, known as Ignite. By making a philanthropic investment in the campaign, each one of us becomes a catalyst in the greater effort. Gifts to the campaign will ignite creativity, discovery and innovation – shaping the future of FIU for decades to come.

Paul Muite, Director of Annual Giving

Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU tells more than the story of Jewish history, art and culture in Florida. It tells and celebrates the story of immigrants from around the world who have shaped the history of the region, state and nation. This is the story of Miami itself.

Susan Gladstone, Executive Director

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

As a cultural beacon for South Florida, FIU’s Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum is a dynamic visual arts institution that serves as a center for interdisciplinary training and community outreach. Voted “Miami’s Best Art Museum” by Miami New Times in 2013, the Frost distinguishes itself not only through its critically acclaimed exhibitions but also by providing free admission – ensuring access for audiences across South Florida and beyond.

Jordana Pomeroy, Director

Ana Martinez, Director of Development

School of Journalism & Mass Communication

FIU’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication prepares graduates to be the 21st century guardians of democracy in the Americas. The school develops and delivers culturally sensitive, lifesaving messaging that removes communications barriers, and serves as an incubator of new ideas.

Brian Schriner, Dean

Juliet Pinto, Interim Executive Director

Kristin Bird, Senior Director of Development

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education is an academic home for all FIU undergraduate students. It provides a holistic approach for student success through a myriad of programs that assist students in fulfilling their academic goals and graduating from FIU.

Douglas L. Robertson, Dean

University Graduate School (UGS)

The FIU University Graduate School plays a critical role in shaping the workforce that will define the future of South Florida and beyond. With more than 7,500 students, UGS is committed to educating the future intellectual leadership necessary for advancing a knowledge economy.

Lakshmi Reddi, Dean


The Wolfsonian-FIU uses objects to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design, to explore what it means to be modern, and to tell the story of social, historical and technological changes that have transformed our world. The museum encourages people to see the world in new ways, to view objects in the service of ideas and to learn from the past as they shape the present and influence the future.

Tim Rodgers, Director

Michael Hughes, Director of Development

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