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A message from FIU President, Mark B. Rosenberg

As the FIU community moves forward with a strategic plan designed for the 21st century, we are building a new American university.


FIU's Founders at Tamiami Airport Control TowerThis Worlds Ahead vision is fueled by the power of philanthropy and built on the foresight of our founders. This photo shows four of our founders, including President Charles Perry, looking out across an abandoned airfield from the stairs of the Tamiami Airport Control Tower.

Their vision was powerful. It was a field of dreams.

It motivated each of my predecessors and it continues to inspire me.

In four short decades FIU has emerged as a mature and critical resource for our community.

We are now living these dreams!

This growth would not have been possible without the support of our donors. To the dreammakers who have supported our vision through the years, I thank you.

And to those of you who are new to the FIU family, I encourage you to learn more about where we are headed and how you can help us realize our 21st century dreams.



Mark B. Rosenberg

FIU in 2020

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