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Get FIU Foundation Scholarships With New Online Tool


Providing greater access to scholarship funds is one of the main reasons FIU’s founding president, Charles E. Perry, established the non-profit FIU Foundation in 1969.

Now, the FIU family includes more than 200,000 graduates – many who received scholarships themselves – and many who want to “pay it forward” and help you achieve your dreams too.

To give you greater access to these resources, The FIU Foundation has launched an online scholarship application tool – AcademicWorks.

Through AcademicWorks, FIU students can browse and apply for more than 100 scholarships made possible by the generosity of FIU alumni and friends who want to provide you with the funds you need to be WorldsAhead.

Features also include:

  • Profiles to keep track of your scholarship applications.
  • Scholarship recommendations based on your profile details.
  • Ability to request recommendation letters and track letter status.

So start your scholarship application at AcademicWorks today. It’s as simple as one, two, three!

  1. Login at with your My Accounts username and password. (You must be currently enrolled.)
  1. Fill out the general scholarship application. AcademicWorks will search our database of awards and recommend scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. Some will automatically enter you into the applicant pool; others may need you to answer additional questions.
  1. Bookmark and check back frequently, as new scholarships are continually added. Also, browse our “external” scholarships list that provides direct links to outside scholarship websites.

Please e-mail with any questions.

Click here to get started!

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