* Please note: This form must be submitted by a full time/permanent FIU employee. The completion of this request form does not guarantee a reservation for the date and time requested. Maria Alfonso will contact you within two (2) business days regarding your request. Once a reservation confirmation is given, payment for the reservation must be received 10 days before the date of your reservation.

Marc Building Pavilion Foyer


MARC Pavilion

  • Rental of the Pavilion does not include any breakout space. (The lobby is not included.)
  • Rental fee is $150.00 per day.
  • Media capabilities include: video conferencing, dual projectors with two screens, and a sound system. Any assistance or additional needs for an event should be directed through FIU Media Services at (305) 348-2816.
  • Departments housed in the MARC Building are not charged the rental fee.
  • Departments housed outside of the MARC Building are charged accordingly.
  • Seating Limits: Stadium / Auditorium Style: 140, Luncheon Style: 90
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 150 Standing

MARC Lobby

  • Rental fee is $75.00 per day.
  • No sit down functions can be held in the Lobby.
  • No media equipment, podiums, music, live bands, etc. allowed in the lobby. Only reception type functions or information tables (maximum of three six foot rectangular tables) will be allowed.
  • If you have any questions, please call Maria Alfonso at 305-348-3758.
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 50 Standing

Reservation Holds

Calendar holds vastly reduce the apparent availability of space and result in substantial inefficiencies.  At the same time, holds on more than one date are sometimes necessary to accommodate event planning.  The following rules apply to holds:

a. No more than two time periods may be held for any given event.
b. Holds must be resolved within ten business days or 30 days prior to the date of the first hold, whichever is sooner.


All reservation cancellations must be received in writing (Effective February 2014).

  1. Cancellations received in writing two weeks prior to the event start date, will be refunded 100%.**
  2. Cancellations received in writing one and a half weeks before the event start date, will be refunded, less a 50% administrative fee.**
  3. Cancellations received in writing one week or less before the event start date, will be refunded, less a 75% administrative fee.**

**Please note that this cancellation policy also applies to MARC Building Tenants.

*All event setup requests need to be directed through FIU Facilities.