Former Foundation Board Chairpersons

John K. Aurell (1971-1973)

Lester R. Johnson, Jr. (1973-1975)

Jay Janis (1975-1976)*

Dave W. Schornstein (1976-1977)

J. Stephen Hudson (1977-1978)

Thomas D. Lumpkin (1978-1980)*

David L. Perlman (1980-1982)*

Catherine H. Fahringer (1982-1984)

W. James Orovitz (1984-1987)*

Mr. Robert H. Coords (1987-1988)

Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. (1988-1993)*

Joseph P. Lacher (1993-1994)

David R. Parker (1994-1997)

Patricia Frost (1997-1999)

Herbert A. Wertheim (1999-2000)

Sherrill W. Hudson (2000-2002)

Donald E. Lefton (2002-2004)

Carlos A. Migoya (2004-2006)

S. Lawrence Kahn, III (2006-2008)

Joseph L. Caruncho (2008-2009)

Albert Morrison, Jr.*, Honorary Chairperson, (2010 – honored posthumously)

Noel J. Guillama-Alvarez ’99 (2010-2011)

Justo L. Pozo ’80 (2011-2014)

Thomas M. Cornish ’85 (2014-2017)


Chairperson Emeritus and Emeritus Directors

Neal O. Amdur*

John K. Aurell

Oscar Bustillo

Alvah H. Chapman, Jr.*, Chairperson Emeritus

Jordan Davidson*

Victor I. Eber*

Leon J. Ell*

Catherine H. Fahringer

Stanley J. Glaser*

Gui L. P. Govaert*

J. Stephen Hudson

Lester R. Johnson

Roz Kovens

William M. Lehman, Jr.

Morris Levitt

Modesto A. Maidique

Albert Morrison, Jr.*

W. James Orovitz*

David L. Perlman*, Chairperson Emeritus

Ricardo Núñez-Portuondo

Earl W. Powell

Joan Peven Smith

Theodore Spak*

Amancio V. Suarez

Norman R. Weldon

Gerald Thomas Wolfe ‘80 ‘86

Sonny Wright

Charles Zwick


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