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Ari Sernik

Development Officer

Office: MARC 540

Phone: 786-200-2523



What do you love most about FIU and your involvement here? 

FIU is a place where opportunities and dreams become a reality. I love that through my involvement I am able to meet amazing people form the FIU, Miami and International Community and that I am also able to part of a team that works to create opportunities for others and make their dreams a reality.

What advice would you give to a potential donor who is considering investing in FIU? 

I would give them the same advise that I would give to an incoming freshman. I would tell them to get involved as much as possible, to meet as many students, faculty and staff as they can, and to even attend events that might not grab their attention as first.

Why do you think giving back is important to the advancement of FIU and its students? 

The University keeps growing and impacting more lives. By giving back, the community will help in creating a bigger and more impactful impact in the lives of FIU students, which in return give back to the Miami community and communities abroad.